The benefits of Capoeira Zoador Kids Classes are amazing! Capoeira is a great physical activity for developing self-discipline and self-confidence. Brazilian Culture is also a wonderful and energetic experience for everyone especially kids. Capoeira will develop balance, coordination, fitness and flexibility, and rhythm. Most importantly as a student at Capoeira Zoador kids get many chances to interact with other kids from around the world as our group is a truly international mix of people.

Babies Capoeira Ages 4-6 focuses on helping kids to learn how to grow in a healthy and fun environment.

As they learn how their bodies can move and have rhythm through capoeira as they also build coordination and heath and happiness.


Elementary School kids 7-12 is designed for children to begin to see how capoeira is not only a fun and amazing art but how it also is a Martial Arts and acrobatic dance game.

As the children progress and grow in capoeira new positive challenges and levels of physical achievement are reached.

As they receive each new Cordao (Capoeira belt) they build more confidence.

As each new Cordao (Capoeira Belt) has it’s own musical, singing, dance, and movement requirements. 

But most of all, our Capoeira classes teach kids to have value in their own achievements and to take responsibility for each new goal.


Babies Capoeira (ages 4 - 6): Can train six times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 15:50 - 16:50, and Kids Mix Class Saturday and Sunday 13:00-14:00

Monthly fee: ¥10,000


Kid's Capoeira (ages 7 - 12): Can train six times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 17:00 - 18:00, and Kids Mix Class Saturday and Sunday 13:00-14:00

*Junior high school students can also participate in the adult's class.

Monthly fee: ¥10,000


How to get started?

Bring your child in to watch a class for free.

If they are interested in trying Capoeira sign them up for a one month trial.

At the end of one month the instructors and parents can discuss regular enrollment for your child in our great Capoeira Zoador Academy programs. 

Please let us know if you have any questions

English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish OK!