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Adult's Beginner's Course

“Capoeira is an amazing journey and lifestyle. It gives you a chance to explore acrobatics, martial arts, dance, and most of all Brazilian Culture. At Capoeira Zoador Academy we know capoeira is challenging and exciting so we easily adapt to help all students reach their full potential and have fun at the same time. No one expects you to be an expert at everything in one day, we do expect you to enjoy your capoeira experience and learn to love capoeira as much as we do”
Mestre Sucuri

Capoeira Zoador is an international Capoeira group.

We happily welcome people who have trained in other groups and want to continue

training in Brazilian capoeira!

Let's get you started...
Check our Schedule of Classes. Send us an email to reserve your spot for a free introductory class.

Grab some comfortable clothes and some water, and we will see you in class! If you have any questions just click here to contact us! Welcome to the amazing world of Capoeira
Come in for a free trial 1st class!


Monthly Plan ¥11,000/a month (Includes All Adult Classes)
4 Tickets (3 Months Validity) ¥10,000


Adults Capoeira 19:30-21:00

Adults Capoeira 19:30-21:00

Adults Capoeira 16:00-17:30

Adults Capoeira 16:00-17:30

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