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Capoeira Zoador Grand Re-opening

Mestre Sucuri Samba Show in Okinawa

2017 marks 18 years of Capoeira Zoador in Tokyo, Japan. However I feel over the last two years, the most has happened. Last year we put so much work in to reconstruction of Capoeira Zoador Academy. It was a physically, mentally, and financially demanding process. Since then I have been working on my self to become a better Mestre, husband, father, and person. I am trying to "Walk the 5th level of Mailcia" as I mentioned in my book.

With the launch of this new revamped home page I feel rejuvenated and in some ways reincarnated through capoeira and as an artist.

I look forward to the best years of my life still to come.

I'm blessed to to be surrounded and supported by my family, friends, and amazing students.

to be a Mestre of Capoeira! Axé

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