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Tempo que nao volta mas

Over that last 24 hours I had several interesting experiences that made me reflect on my path of capoeira, and more so as a Mestre. People close to me know how sometimes I can get caught up in philosophical thought and maybe look to deep in to things. This is probably one of those times. But here we go anyways.

Contramestre Linguica and I have been working on a new project that I haven’t mentioned to very many people. So my train of thought has been focused on that more than anything else during non-teaching times these last few months.

People come to the academia during off times and want to train a bit, warm up a bit, practice music a bit, or just talk. It makes me think a lot about how to value my time. I have had some amazing people to learn with over my time a as capoeira, but also realize where my time could have been better spent.

As people learn art, music, dance, or what ever it is important to always value your time. As a teacher value the students time. As a businessman value your time and hope to properly charge for it. As cultural arts are non tangible

and value is actually a perceived value then this becomes even more important. It reminded me of how precious time really is and how I can’t waste my time, let others waste it, and in turn not waste theirs. Always be ready for class, always continue “quality” learning, and always strive to separate those who deserve time and those that take it away from the deserving.

Mestre Sucuri

Blessed to be a Capoeira

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