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Smell the roses!

Sometimes we just have to take moment to realize how lucky we are in life. I look around and realize here I am coming up on 30 years of loving capoeira and afro-Brazilin culture, and Latin culture more each and every day. It makes me think of what I’ve gone through and how much more I want to do here. When I left San Diego I had so little in my bags, one berimbau, one pandeiro and a lot of belief in myself. 18 years later and I’ve written a book on capoeira, attained a Master’s Degree on the Globalization of Afro-Brazilian Popular culture in Japan. More that that I’ve met the love of my life and am blessed with three beautiful children and the best students a Capoeira teacher can have. Our little corner of the Brazil and Latin America in Japan is growing in a positive way. So many new projects on the horizon and so many new goals to reach. Here we go!

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