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The Path of Capoeira: Teaching, Philosophy, and Lessons Learnt is not just another book on capoeira. Based on over 20 years of international capoeira teaching experience, the book is an ideal companion for beginner, mid-level, advanced, professor and Mestre level capoeiristas. For the beginner, The Path of Capoeira will introduce you to some of the key yet rarely discussed aspects of capoeira philosophy, including the all-encompassing concept of Maliçia. It is impossible to overstate the power of this concept in helping you unlock many of the mysteries of this ancient yet beautiful art. For mid-level to advanced students, The Path of Capoeira will show you one way, the author’s, to advancing your career in Capoeira while steering you clear of the many pitfalls that you will inevitably encounter. From group dynamics to inter-personal relationships to the business of Capoeira in an inter-connected world, the second half of the book especially is required reading for this level of student. For Mestres and professors, The Path of Capoeira will be more than just a companion to refer to often. It will be like a friend whom you know and love and yet a friend who not only praises you when you do right, but also sets you straight when you risk going off the road. Written with the passion of a teacher who has literally got the scars on his back to show for it, the insights in these pages will guide, chide and encourage you for years to come.

The Path of Capoeira Teaching, Philosophy and Lessons Learnt

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