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New Capoeira Zoador Class in Yokohama City

Instructor Profile:

Formado Pantera (Stephen Ndong-Mefane) first learned of capoeira after his cousin in Paris introduced him to it many years ago. He immediately fell in love with the acrobatic movements and music of capoeira. After searching the internet for information, he began to look for a place to learn capoeira here in Japan.


In 2010 he searched and found Mestre Sucuri and Capoeira Zoador Academy. Since 2015 he has been an assistant instructor at Capoeira Zoador Academy. In 2020 he was awarded the rank of Formado (Graduated Student). Anyone who meets Formado Pantera can instantly see his passion and respect for capoeira and teaching.

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Let's get you started...
Check our Schedule of Classes. Send us an email to reserve your spot. Grab some comfortable clothes, some water, and we will see you in class! If you have any questions just click here to contact us! Welcome to the amazing world of Capoeira
Come in for a free trial 1st class!




Formado Pantera

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