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This Fundraiser will end Sunday, April 30th. 

Here is a list of projects I will endeavor to accomplish this year. For me, all of these have an important role in my ability to enrich my community through what I do.


(1) Asia workshop tour of Asia. I created the following original workshop tour that I feel is crucial to the positive growth of Capoeira in Asia.

Mestre Sucuri Capoeira Workshop Tour 2023

My goal is to teach a set of workshops over 2 days that will help me share my life and love as a capoeirista in Asia.

My goal is to do these workshops in the following places.

Tokyo, Japan / Hamamatsu, Japan / Seoul, Korea / Taipei, Taiwan / Bangkok, Thailand.

I will also use this chance to record videos and audio files that I can turn into a music album to share the beauty and love of the different capoeira places I visit with the rest of the world. At the end of the project, I will edit these files and upload them to social media and YouTube to share with the rest of the world.


(2) Brazilian folkloric show on June 10th, 2023. This will be broadcasted live on my YouTube channel and be a preview of what is to come.


(3) Capoeira Zoador Tokyo Batizado

4-day event to celebrate my 35 years of Capoeira.

Bring several teachers from outside of Japan.

This year, we will participate in the Asakusa Samba Carnival. There is a ¥3,000 per person participation fee plus event t-shirt costs. I will design a T-shirt.


(4) This event is under construction. A producer friend of mine is "possibly" bringing a well-known Brazilian "Chorinho" (Brazilian Classical Band) from Brazil. I may have the chance to make an event for them for our community. The costs are estimated only.


All funds I raise go directly to the costs of producing these events. If there are extra funds I will use them to cover my time and my Capoeira Zoador Academy costs this year.


Here are the estimated costs.

(1) 2023 Workshop tour of Asia. Production Costs! Transportation and Hotel!

Tokyo, Japan: No costs  

Hamamatsu, Japan ¥26,000  

Bangkok, Thailand ¥111,000  

Seoul, Korea ¥81,000  

Taipei, Taiwan ¥85,000   

Total: ¥303,000   


(2) Brazilian folkloric show on June 10th, 2023. 

 Production Costs ¥169,700 (Omori Rental Sho Hall All day, Tickets Color, Flyers, Show Program, 5 Musicians, 5 Hall Staff) 


(3) Capoeira Zoador Tokyo Batizado

I estimate 50 kids and adults will join. ¥150,000 plus t-shirt fee.


(4) This event is under construction. A well-known Brazilian "Chorinho" (Brazilian Classical Samba Band) from Brazil is coming to Japan. I may have the chance to make an event for our community. The costs are estimated only. Band fee ¥300,000.


Total event costs for 2023 Mestre Sucuri Cultural Projects are ¥922,700 or about US$6965.64.

  1. The Indiegogo campaign ends on April 23rd. It doesn't seem to be getting enough attention. If we don't reach our goal, that is fine. If you supported on Indiegogo, you won't be charged. Please wait until after the 23rd if you want to support us via our homepage.

  2. By purchasing any of my event shirts from you directly support our efforts if you live in Japan. If you do not live in Japan we are not able to ship at the moment. You can pick up your shirt when you visit me in Tokyo.

  3. Go to and click the "Heart" button and you can donate in ¥1,000 increments (about $7.55US). Click the button as much as you like.

Tickets and events welcome everyone, and all proceeds support our cultural and artistic projects.

Lot's of love, peace, and capoeira.

Mestre Sucuri

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